Welcome our Newest Sundancers

Welcome, Allie, Natalie and Monica

Well, it took us a couple of months to find just the right mix of practitioners to fill our gaps after Karen and Dawn moved but it was worth the wait!!!  These 3 are AMAZING!
Allie Smith is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. She also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Dance Performance from Rhode Island College. Allie is a trained dancer of 21 years and has spent 10 years rock climbing around the country. Studying movement and efficient body mechanics has informed Allie's massage practice - she most enjoys working with athletes and clients who seek specific work to care for habitual use of the body.  She was destined to join Sundance since she drives a bright orange car! Allie is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

 Natalie Truman is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Ridley-Lowell.  She is also a Reiki practitioner who exudes a warm, calming energy.  Natalie credits years of yoga practice and work in healthcare for giving her a solid background in bodywork.  She has experience with Myofascial Release (a powerful modality for eliminating pain and restoring function) and Oncology massage. She especially loves helping clients who are "super stressed" (guaranteed her peaceful nature will take anybody down a few notches) and also those with chronic problems like headaches or migraines. 
Natalie is available Monday and Friday.
Monica Gears was given a Reiki 1 class 5 years ago as a gift. Her hope for this class was to calm the mind and tame her creative energy that sometimes was left stagnant inside her body only to cause trouble. Years later after many classes, experiences and training up to Master Karuna Reiki her calling is to help others do the same. Her belief is that the body has all the power to heal itself mentally and physically when the mind is strong and wide open. Reiki is a great source for healing and only grows more with experience. Heightened intuition is used to determine areas of the body which need work during a treatment. She lives in West Kingston with her husband, 2 children , 2 sheep, 21 free roaming chickens, 2 dogs, and a cat. She turns to essential oils for ways to stay healthy and her tarot cards for advice weekly and learns as much as she can about healing and wellness to share with others. 
Monica is available Wednesday and Sunday.

Enjoy $20 off an hour session with the above practitioners - SCHEDULE NOW!!!
(offer expires 11/30/15)