"As you have no doubt been told by many loyal clients, your skill in the art of massage is similar by way of comparison, Georgia O'Keefe's skill in rendering lilies on canvas with oil paints. Today you were even a little better than that. Really. Thanks for your time, and the fabulous massage."

"I am so grateful for your help in facilitating my healing. Through Reiki, I am able to enter a deep state of relaxation that allows me to become aware of blockages in my body and release them. The compassion I sense from you makes me feel safe to let go, accept and bring light into those areas. After a treatment, I feel more open, balanced and at peace and I thank you for that."

"As a massage therapist, I realize that receiving massage is critical to my sense of health and well being. I highly recommend Sundance if you want a perfect massage. While they offer a wide variety of bodywork, my favorite is the combination of Swedish massage followed by foot reflexology to address what my body-mind requires. All the therapists at Sundance are great!"

"Massage therapy with you is healing both mind and body and is a precious time for me to be 'in the moment.' You soothe every inch of muscle as my mind is transported to each spot you touch and follows with your rhythm. All I can do is enjoy the relief from stress, forget whatever has been on my mind, and revel in the happiness of this time. I realize this is work for you but you all seem to love what you do. Your caring and empathy are special. Thanks for all that you do for me."

"Sundance is the complete package. It starts with a comfortable, inviting lobby and a warm smile to greet you. Before your session even begins, you say 'aaahhhhh.' The open communication with my therapist allows us to talk about how my body feels and adjust the session accordingly. I have been a very satisfied client for over two years now!"

"THANKS to the staff at Sundance! As an extreme fitness enthusiast, personal trainer and a physical education teacher, I am always on the go and have sustained many muscle and tendon injuries. I can't begin to count how often I was told surgery was necessary for both of my rotator cuffs and the bicep tendon in my right arm but thanks to their incredible knowledge of sports injuries, I am 100% healed without surgery. I refer ALL my clients, friends, family and medical professionals to Sundance without hesitation!

"I have had the good fortune to experience many massages on cruise ships and five star resorts all around the United States. They are relaxing but mostly pamper and fluff. Sundance's deep tissue massage is on a much higher level than any other massage. It is definitely not about smearing around some lotion. I lift weights three times a week and it is hard to put into words the relief I feel as expert hands, fingers, arms and elbows hone in on every sore muscle. Without me even saying a word, their fingers seem to have Extra Sensory Perception to find each sore muscle and fix it. Also, I have a herniated disc and my body tries to protect the area which causes tight muscles and pain that radiates down my leg. I am normally not a religious person but I thank God that the pain goes away every time with a Sundance massage."

"Sundance was truly a lifesaver during my pregnancy! The massage techniques not only brought instant relief to my lower back and legs, but long lasting benefits to my overall physical and emotional state during that time. It was only natural that I transfer these benefits to my child, so Sundance helped me learn infant massage. My son loves his daily massage and I look forward to my own massage time... more than ever!"


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